10 January 2014

is there anything left to say?

I laundered my phone on Monday. The phone was on the bed, I pulled out the laundry to sort, I grabbed a big pile--phone included--to take to the washer. I noticed almost instantly [panic upon returning to my room, wait WHERE'SMYPHONE NOOOO], but it was too late, the water had done its damage. This was an expensive mistake of course, Apple's Care doesn't include water damage, but also, my phone hadn't been backed up since July! So I lost a lot of pictures. Will I even be able to remember what happened last fall? I certainly wasn't blogging about it.

I should at least point out that the weekend before the marathon was my ten-year high school reunion in Arkansas. And it was so fun. I was surprised how happy I was to see so many people I graduated with, and how much fun we all had catching up. Facebook doesn't tell you everything, I learned.

Here is one picture from Thanksgiving. We enjoyed Thanksgiving in our house this year with many of our favorite friends. We ate some delicious food and played Scattergories.
In December, Elliott and I both got really sick (first me, then him) and I watched almost all of the Carrie Diaries. It was kind of good? I guess if that is what sticks out about December it must have been good.

We went home to Little Rock for ten days and we were happy to spend time with both of our families, and this trip, with lots of friends too. It rained and rained the first two days we were there but the rest of the time was mild and sunny. I celebrated my 29th birthday driving from Oklahoma back to Little Rock and enjoyed tacos for breakfast AND dinner.
Being back in New York with a new year feels relatively quiet and peaceful so far (and really really cold). We even had a chance last weekend to finally hang some art on our walls. And there are things to look forward to in 2014, but I am glad for now for a mostly empty schedule.

Did I make resolutions? Not really, but two things I have been thinking about: 1) start journaling on paper again. I've had a lot of anxiety over the last six months and I think writing out some thoughts will help with this, and 2) if I say to someone, "let's grab a drink sometime" or "we should all get dinner," follow through! It's so easy to get busy and push things aside, but despite my introvert tendencies, I truly do value relationships with people and I want to make sure my actions communicate that. Also, now that we are somewhat settled in the house, Elliott and I want to be sure to invite people over for dinners. We have a dining room table! No reason not to. 

07 November 2013

26.2 || NYC Marathon

[mile 11]

The NYC Marathon was this past Sunday, November 3rd. Remember how it was cancelled last year due to Superstorm Sandy? After training for two years in a row, I finally got to run.

Training this year was harder than last year. I had a bad attitude some of the time, and a lot of the time, it was just hard to connect with the fact that the marathon was [most likely] happening. (You mean these miles won't be for nothing?) The early Saturday morning wake up calls felt earlier and crueler, and my foot injury in September felt like I was never going to make it to that finish line.

But I am happy to say that it happened and it was wonderful. I never thought I would refer to a marathon as fun, but it totally was. For the NYC Marathon, you start in Staten Island and run through each borough (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Manhattan again) finishing in Central Park. The marathon course is pretty much lined with people cheering for almost the entire 26.2 miles (save for a few lonely stretches in quieter neighborhoods and of course the bridges). I had my name on my race shirt so I heard "go Katie" at least every few minutes on the course. And the best part was that I saw friends every few miles, and in Williamsburg/Greenpoint/LIC, practically every few blocks. Marathon Day is always an incredibly supportive and communal day in New York City, and I felt that firsthand.

Thanks to my charity and the training provided, I felt physically and mentally prepared for the race. I felt strong. I knew I needed to start the race slower, I knew where the hills were, I knew that when you think you are almost done you exit Central Park at mile 25 only to reenter at mile 26. I knew what was coming, and as a result I didn't feel discouraged when the race seemed tough. I also had little mental mantras to focus on. One of those is 10-10-10: the first 10 miles is all about being mentally prepared, the second 10 miles is when your training and strength is important, and the last 10k is all heart.

I'm not sure I would want to run just any marathon, I really felt that the spirit of the day in New York made all the difference. I was smiling the whole time.

Okay, now what?

04 October 2013

storm king

on film:
[obsessed with this last photo]

and iPhone:
Storm King Art Center somehow only came on my radar in the last few years, but I am kicking myself for just now going. It's only an hour and a half drive from the city, and the drive was pretty great in and of itself (Palisades Parkway, hello!). 
I understand if the idea of an outdoor sculpture garden doesn't sound exactly thrilling, but letmetellyou, it's wonderful. The pictures, of course, do not do it justice. And it didn't hurt that we had gorgeous weather and the slightest hint of the trees changing colors, but I think it might be wonderful any time of year (except winter or raining I guess). 
I ended up walking barefoot most of the day which I think contributed to the glory. 
I was so happy I decided I needed to do spontaneous cartwheels, which is not exactly something I've thought of doing in a while. 
(and yes I was sore the next day from doing cartwheels. planning to up my cartwheel game now.)

03 October 2013

just soaking my head to unrattle my brain

A few things in the past two months:

Julie moved to Spain. She is blogging about it here. We miss her terribly. I started to write a post about it, but it was so sappy that I couldn't continue. Here is a picture of us in the fall (2009).
We've been cooking more and implemented weekly date nights, which mostly just means Elliott tries to come home from work at a reasonable hour and I don't make plans with my ladies. Usually we just cook together and watch a movie. I try to stay awake. So far, it is working pretty well. 

We bought some rugs and plants and have been trying to get settled. We still need bookshelves, I have been sad thinking about all of our books being in boxes. I'm sure we have more odds and ends down in the basement as well that need to be unpacked, but it's a little overwhelming. I just avoid the basement. I don't like having a lot of stuff, but I am also somewhat sentimental, a great conundrum!   
I re-read most of my journals from circa 2002-2004. I wanted to remember what it felt like when I first moved to New York ten years ago. Well, the journals definitely helped me to remember.

We had a party at our house on Labor Day. It was raining a little but we grilled out on the back porch and had lots of friends over to celebrate. We were happy to have our house feel so full.
We went to Tulsa for 48 hours in September to witness a little marriage ceremony and celebration for John and his new wife Katie. Aren't they adorable? After the wedding we ate Taco Cabana and went to the TU football game. It was so hot. At 9pm when the sun was down it was still 90 degrees. At least TU won. We had such a nice time with my (our) family.
Some of our favorite people came to visit for a long weekend. We had the best time walking around Brooklyn, watching the OU football game, sunset (more like nighttime) boat ride, day trip to Storm King, lots of good food, and a late night walk on the High Line. More on Storm King later. I laughed so hard this weekend. Wish we could be always hanging out. 

07 August 2013

there's a lifetime right in front of you

On Sunday we had a small belated birthday celebration for Amanda at Pier 5 at Brooklyn Bridge Park. This is noteworthy mostly because (1) I hadn't yet been to Pier 5 (it opened in December 2012) and it is so great! And (2) the weather on Sunday was an unreal combination of warm and dry with a cool breeze and gorgeous clouds. It was one of those afternoons turned into evenings when you can't imagine being happier anywhere else.
Also, make these chicken skewers for your next cookout. Trust!
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